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I’ve decided enough is enough, i’m going to get a tattoo…actually 2 tattoos

The first being Yin-Yang:

I’ve come to realise how important this symbol is to me and it allows me to keep perspective on things. You have to take good with the bad because there is always going to be just as much sadness as there is joy, not just in my life but in the whole world. Balance to me is a necessary trait to have and administering it in the day to day i’ve found to be most beneficial. So yeah, that’s going to go on my right arm

The other is Ohm:

I must annoy everyone to death with my hippie “i love everything” shit but I really, really do. There is so many awful things that happen in this world but there is almost always something good to come out of it, and it strengthens people and brings them together. Ohm is the sound that Buddhist monks (and many “meditators”) make when they meditate in order to make them feel one with the Universe. The humming noise is supposed to be representative of the sound of life, the whirring and whizzing of people, nature, machines and more all fighting and co-operating, loving and hating. I find the fact that 7 billion people are leading their own individual lives with their own passions and dreams to be overwhelmingly beautiful - we’re all just trying to work out what it’s all about. And that one will be going on my left arm, symmetrical to the yin-yang symbol on my other arm.

Hey y’all thought i’d post on here for once
this is the morning after the night before
how’s everyone?

Hey y’all thought i’d post on here for once

this is the morning after the night before


how’s everyone?

urgh i’m having to talk about my problems here because i’ve nowhere else to turn


you know when you really believe someone has potential and then they just go and whack their dick out on you

it’s like why

you’re a feminist for christ’s sake



go fuck yourselves

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I thought I was going out on the town this weekend

now I’m not

I might as well just regard myself as friend-less now

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He is his own best friend, and takes delight in privacy whereas the man of no virtue or ability is his own worst enemy and is afraid of solitude. - Aristotle

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